Nathalia - fielmadridista; iker casillas is my everything;
Real Madrid is a genuine feeling. Is the real passion for football, for victory, for our history, for the white that makes us different, authentic. There are many ways to feel passion for football, but none that can compare with supporting Real Madrid. +


rooting for a team you hate to beat a team you hate more

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"We worked hard all game. It was very tough, they like to set the rhythm & keep possession. We had a great game defensively. We came out to press & get the ball back, although we didn’t dominate. The 1-0 is satisfactory, it’s a good result to take to Munich (…) The atmosphere in the Bernabéu was amazing. As a Madrid fan, and I’ve been here for 10 years, it was unforgettable. The arrival at the ground was something else. We’re thankful for the love and the support.”

- Sergio Ramos, after the semifinal match against Bayern Munich | 23-04-14

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We have small advantage and nothing more. We know we will have to suffer, to fight, to give everything as we tried to do today.

Carlo Ancelotti, post match interview (via carloancelotties)

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iker casillas is the most important. protect iker casillas at all costs. serve iker casillas. 

sacrifice a lamb for iker casillas

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If you ever want your life to get ruined football has fabulous teams to choose from.

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Real Madrid - FC Bayern | Benzema ‘19

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Also huge thanks to our fans, their support has been fantastic. We appreciate that they share this moments with us

— Sergio Ramos (via realborussia)

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"im on a diet" i whisper as i order 3 pizzas, a burger and 7 dead corpses

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